Queer Duck

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Bitiba - Ihr Haustiershop im Internet: Tierbedarf und Tiernahrung

coming out
I'm Coming Out!
It's out of the closet and into the fire when Queer Duck comes out to friends and family.
fiddler on the rufie
Fiddler on the Roofie
Queer Duck tries his hand at babysitting, but finds that he owns the wrong kind of toys.
Oh Christ!
Queer Duck proves to be a tough case for the gay deprogrammers.
Queer Doc!
Queer Duck battles his nemesis, Dr. Laura Schlessinger.
B.S. I Love You
Queer Duck will do anything to see Barbara Streisand
The Gayest Place on Earth
Queer Duck and friends play at Fairyland.
Gym Neighbors
Openly Gator goes to the gym to impress Queer Duck
Queer As Fowl
Queer Duck and friends attend a funeral.
Wedding Bell Blues
Queer Duck and Openly Gator exchange vows.
Ku Klux Klan & Ollie
Queer Duck takes on the KKK.
The Gay Road to Morocco
The gang becomes acquanted with Abu Ben-Dover in Morocco.
Quack Doctor
Queer Duck and friends visit the shrink.
Oscar's Wild
Queer Duck and friends make a ball out of Oscars.
a gay outing
A Gay Outing
Queer Duck takes Li'l Lucky and his friends camping.
radio head
Radio Head
Queer Duck hosts his own radio show.
tales of the city morgue
Tales of the City Morgue
Experience tales from the dark side with Queer Duck.
homo for the holiday
Homo for the Holidays
Openly Gator spends the holidays with the Ducksteins.
bipolar bear and the glorious hole
Bi Polar Bear and the Glorious Hole
While rummaging for food, Bi Polar Bear gets stuck in a hole.
santa claus is coming... out
Santa Claus is Coming...Out
Queer Duck learns that there is more to Santa Claus than meets the eye.
mardi foie gras
Mardi Foie Gras
The gang goes to mardi gras and Queer Duck wakes up to a surprise.